Canyon Howls mood board
Canyon Howls mood board designed on Polyvore

Last month I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a fabulous, FREE five-day course, The Creative Courage workshop. It is an online course designed to awaken your creative spirit and bring to life the visual brand of your “thing” – which can be a project, business or movement.

This workshop is designed by the amazingly talented Amanda Aitken. Amanda is owner of Creative Bloom and has also created the Girls Guide to Web Design & the recent Girls Guide to Graphic Design.

The workshop walks you through designing a beautiful visual brand using PDF questionnaires, created by Amanda and several video tutorials.

The advantages to the Creative Courage workshop:

  • Join a private Facebook group and interact with hundreds of other creative women + personal assistance from Amanda
  • Choose a unique color palette for your brand
  • Pick fonts for your project
  • Learn to use Pixlr to create 3 graphics

The final portion is to combine your graphics, fonts and color palette on a mood board using Pinterest and Polyvore. (I’m addicted to Pinterest & Polyvore, now!)

Interested in this course? Visit The Creative Courage Campaign