In my blog post last week, I mentioned an amazing, on line course, The Creative Courage Campaign workshop, which I had taken back in June. What I neglected to express was how impressed utterly blown away I was by the workshop and my completed project.
*If you need any encouragement for releasing your creativity, I highly recommend this workshop 🙂

I have been through the course two times now. Initially, I took the course – where I learned how to …. The end result was a comprehensive mood board for my upcoming personal blog, Canyon Howls. (Watch for my personal blog fall of 2013.)

Because I enjoyed the process of creating and designing my own “brand” I repeated the course a second time which resulted in Canyontrailz, which quickly transformed into THIS – Canyonlandz.

But I am not through yet! I have enjoyed the creation process so much I plan to go through it a third time to create the visual “feel” for my hobby kennel, Wolf Glacier Alaskan malamutes. (Watch for updates to Wolf Glacier winter of 2013.)