My 2022 Planner Lineup is quite intensive. I’m using a number of planners for different things. Keep reading for an overview and explanation of what I use each planner for!

  • Novel writing/outlining/plotting and character profiles in a Big Happy Planner in a black cover..
  • A5 Franklin Covey Savannah simulated open binder in orange ombre – this planner is for Sarra Cannon’s HB90 planning and goal setting system.
  • My budger planner is an A5 Hobonichi Cousin techo in an orange Moterm cover.
  • Novel series bible in an A5 rustic kodiak from Speckled Fawns. It’s intended to hold all the necessary information I will need as I go about writing my novel. There are four sections: character development, scenes, dialogue and notes.
  • This year I’ve added an orange Moleskine to my list of planner as a commonplace book. I’m through searching everywhere for quotes and other interesting information I need at any given point.
  • B6 rings in mandarino nappa orange leather from Van Der Spek as my business planner. I keep all the notes and sections necessary for my work as a Virtual Assistant in this binder.
  • B6 traveler’s notebook from Crazy Organized, it’s in the color orange with fire on the inside. This is my EDC or everyday carry. It keeps me organized when I’m out and about.
  • Hobonichi weeks in a Dollbirdies My Little Pony cover. This planner is strictly for fun. It’s where I can add stickers and decorated to my hearts content without feeling judged.
  • My on the go planner is a Hobonichi weeks mega in my mandarino nappa orange leather, also from Van Der Spek. It’s similar to a back up for my everyday carry.
  • Lastly, I carry a classic Happy Planner notes for…you guessed it, notes. I typically use it to outline and write my blog posts.
2022 Planner Stack

Budget Planner Change

My 2022 planner line up is quite extensive. I’ve been utilizing the same nine planners and Happy Planner notebook for the past year, with a few exceptions and changes. My biggest change was switching from a classic Happy Planner to an A5 Hobonichi Cousin techo for my budgeting.

My System is Working

These planners have been working well for me. I’m keeping on top of everything from my to-do’s to my scheduled appointments. As long as I stay up to date in my planners, I remain organized.

Neutral Minimalist or Pastel Colors

The only part of my planning that took a bit of tweaking was my aesthetic. As much as I admired the neutral, minimalistic planner look, I found it wasn’t my style. I’m much more drawn to either pastel colors or bright primary colors.

I should have recognized this as six of my planners are some shade of orange, the majority being neon orange. Orange is my favorite color. It’s a bright, cheerful color that makes it hard to be sad when you are using it.

Hobonichi Weeks in 2021

Another tweak in my planning has been using Hobonichi weeks planners. All through 2021, I carried a Hobonichi weeks. I didn’t use it as consistently as I would have liked. But it was handy carrying such a compact calendar. The only option I’d like changed in the Hobonichi weeks would be having a Sunday start versus a Monday start.

I understand the benefit of having your weekends together on the calendar. But a Sunday start wouldn’t confuse my brain as much.

Print Pression Weeks Instead of Hobonichi Weeks

Or my other solution to the Monday start Hobonichi would be a dated Print Pression weeks planner. I love everything about the PP weeks, which includes the PP weeks being very similar in size to the Hobonichi weeks. But I’m a dated calendar girl myself. The thought of filling in a years worth of dates gives me anxiety…so many ways to screw up the dates.

But I suppose filling out the PP weeks myself would solve my issue of a Sunday start, since it’s completely blank for my to fill out to my liking.


I know to some of you nine planners and a notebook my seem excessive and absurd. I’d love to hear in the comments how many planners/agendas you have.

This concludes my post about each of my planners. If you would like to see an thorough flip through of any of my individual planners drop me a line in the comment section below!

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