Kipling 100 pens case
Toastygold Kipling 100 pens case

(This blog post is in response to Anna Brimbles TAG called What’s in my pencil case? from

1. What pencil case are you using/do you use?
For my pencil case I am using a Kipling 100 pens case in Toastygold.

2. Why do you use it?
I love the Kipling 100 pens case because it is very versatile. Besides carrying the writing implements I use on a regular basis it also holds the planner essentials I need for decorating and organizing my planner.

3. Where was it from?
I got this particular Kipling 100 pens case from a sale on Macy’s for around $20. So it was relatively less expensive, since it retails for $49.

4. Do you carry it out and about or does it stay home?
This particular case, in Toastygold stays at home and my Espresso Brown Kipling 100 pens case goes out and about with me.

5. Show us what is inside.
For a full review, see the video above…or for a brief overview check out the photos.

6. What was in there you had forgotten about?
I had forgotten about a cross stitch of a fox with a santa hat that was done and given to me by my planner buddy, Kimberly.

Fox cross stitch
Fox cross stitch

7. What is your most used favorite item?
I have a couple…I use my yellow and black CutterBee scissors a lot, especially when I am decorating my planner with washi tape and I use my black Sharpie pen to write with on nearly a daily basis.

Pen and scissors
Sharpie pen and CutterBee scissors

8. Now you have gone through your case what will you leave out? if anything.
I will leave out the little fox cross stitch, since it’s not really planner related and the whole purpose of my pencil case is to carry essentials for my planner.

9. How often do you go through your case and change things?
I received my Kipling 100 pens case back in November 2014 and have now just barely gone through it…so it seems like it will be every couple of months or so.

10. What are your future plans for your case? New case? New contents? What is on your wishlist?
I am on the hunt for a nice selection of colored pens. I have the Staedtler’s but I won’t use them because they are not archival safe. So I’m looking for something that has a large selection of colors, like the Staedtler’s but are archival safe.