One Book July 2019 and Quarter Three

It’s the first of July already and Q3 or quarter three for those who are unfamiliar with that term. Every year can be broken down into four quarters:

Q1 – January, February and March
Q2 – April, May, and June
Q3 – July, August and September
Q4 – October, November and December

And with July comes one of my favorite planner challenges…One Book July. One Book July is often shortened to OBJ.
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What is One Book July? you might ask.
It’s a planner challenge that has been taking place in the planner community for the past six years and was invented by planner gurus Carie HarlingMiss Vicky B and Rhomany from Rhomany’s Realm. It is a challenge that has gone through five versions.
And as Rhomany very clearly states, the challenge consists of guidelines, not rules!

One Book July Versions

The versions of One Book July are as follows:

  • Version 1.0 – One book, one pen for one month
  • Version 2.0 – One book, one project for one month
  • Version 3.0 – “Go Big, Or Go Home” (You can interpret that as you will.)
  • Version 4.0 – “Let’s Get Digital” (Participants were encouraged to add a digital component to their planning.)
  • Version 5.0 – One book, one pen for one month and The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll.

This year, 2019 is version 5.0.
That clearly outlines the One Book July challenge.

My Personal Reason for Not Participating in One Book July

When I say I am not participating, this is not a dramatic tantrum, where I am stomping my foot and making a melodramatic exit. This is about me clearly stating that I cannot in good faith, guidelines or not, go down to one book – a.k.a. one traveler’s notebook, for me.

For the past four months, I have been utilizing two planners. My EDC (everyday carry) is a traveler’s notebook, which contains forward planning and comprehensive notes and my other is a ring bound desk size DayTimer Malibu that holds my HB90 method planner.

I know many of you have never heard of the HB90 planning system, so I will give you a brief overview of what it entails.

The HB90 Method (Heart Breathings 90-day Planning)

The HB90 method is for Heart Breathings 90-day planning system. Heart Breathings is an online course created and hosted by independent author Sarra Cannon, who has successfully sold almost a quarter million of her self-published books. Sarra also has a blog and YouTube channel called Heart Breathings where she educates upcoming authors. (***I plan to provide you with a full review of the HB90 method planning system soon.)

I found out about Sarra’s course back in March, just prior to Q2 (quarter two) of 2019. Although the course is mainly geared towards authors, I signed up for it because I was really struggling with goal setting and after watching a few of Sarra’s Heart Breathings YouTube videos on setting goals, I figured…why not?

Plus, not only is Sarra an author, she’s also a planner junkie and the course includes a free planner. I mean, a FREE planner! What self proclaimed planner girl could turn down a free planner?!?

Seemingly, I enrolled and took the course. The HB90 method system taught me how to plan quarterly, instead of yearly or even, heaven forbid, randomly.
It’s amazing to be able to start fresh every three months on my personal and professional goals!

For quarter two, I started out with some really hefty but attainable goals, which I will talk about in detail in an upcoming post. And I had my goals workable by breaking them down into smaller projects and tasks. But half way through the quarter, I lost my motivation and failed at my goals.

Through working with Sarra and the HB90 method I realized my goals that I had set in Q2 (quarter two) were still just as important to me. Therefore, I reused the goals from Q2 for Q3 and I am inline to accomplish or have fantastic traction on each one by October 1, 2019.

One Book July Fails To Move Me Towards My Personal Vision

I cannot adequately take part in the One Book July challenge because I have added the HB90 method of planning. I know this all might sound frivolous and a minor thing to keep me from participating in a challenge that I enjoy. But one of the Sarra’s lesson in the HB90 method is to determine if each task, weighed against your own personal priorities, either moves you towards or away from your own vision.

For me, as much as I enjoy the One Book July challenge, I know that because of the HB90 method it doesn’t move me towards my personal vision for this quarter and thus this year.

I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below if you are participating in the OBJ challenge or would like the link to the HB90 course.

***This was previously written for on July 6, 2019.***