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Wild woman, you have your hands full.
I see that.
I feel it. 

Because I am you. 

As women, as business owners, as mothers, we are born to be strong. 

But we do not have to carry it alone. 

That’s why I’m here. 

I take what I can take off of your hands so you can work to bring the change that you came here to do. 

You need social scheduled? Done. 

You need graphics created? Done. 

You need onboarding paperwork created and sent out? Done. 

All YOU need to do is show up. 

Your business and your clients need you. 

Your family needs you. 

YOU need you. 


I am your safety net. Together, you are free to scorch the earth, leave your mark and walk those you came to help through their most difficult times so they, too, can rise. 

And you want to make money in your business. So you need support taking care of the things that are NOT part of your genius. 

I am that support.

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Services Available: 

Social graphic design
Web design
Data Entry
Internet Research
Customer Service
Email Management
Market Research

WordPress Design and Updates
Blog Management
Maintaining an editorial calendar
Design via Canva
Logo/graphic design
Marketing materials
Branding Services
Powerpoint Presentation


Of course, the array of tasks I take over for you reaches beyond just this list, so if there’s something you know you need help with, just ask!

Email: canyonlandz{at}outlook{dot}com